Let your ambitious ideas come to life with our engineering services. HIGTEC designs complex products, equipment and systems from start to finish. By means of a methodical approach, an optimal solution of your problem is approached and realized in a targeted manner. As a result, the best solution for your design will be applied with minimal cost and time sacrifice. Our engineering services are performed in three main phases; preliminary research, technical design and development. 

3D CAD design and drawing services

HIGTEC virtual engineering capabilities help streamline the efficiency of design processes while increasing quality and reducing time, cost and risk.

3D CAD modeling allows components to be assembled and integrated into an interactive 3D model, managing the compatibility and interference of parts for development. This helps to optimize the implementation process and reduce the amount of site work and prototyping costs.

As with all of the CAD services we provide, our drafting services are tailored to the specific needs of each client. HIGTEC follows strict CAD standards. These could be specific standards of your company or other industry standards. In short, your technical drawings are made for you exactly as you want them.

mechanical engineering


R&D Engineering

HIGTEC’s R&D engineering department supports your company with research activities by providing ideas, mechanical designs and prototyping services. In addition, HIGTEC also supports and assists you in new product development activities in the construction of prototypes, processes or equipment and solves complex problems for you.

HIGTEC is a global company powered by people working together to be the most trusted partner in providing R&D mechanical engineering services. To stay at the forefront of innovation, we employ skilled and determined people who deliver results. The engineering department carries out many innovative projects that aim to structurally improve existing products.

Piping & plant engineering

Our process and system engineers have extensive experience in conceptual process design, plant engineering, mechanical engineering, detail engineering, skid construction, instrumentation, control and electrical systems. Our expertise and experience in a wide range of industries and applications means we always consider the “big picture” to deliver integrated solutions to your issue.

mechanical engineering

The benefits of our engineering services

HIGETC provides design and analysis services designed to cost-effectively meet customer demand

Clients are assisted in their design and analysis needs, namely due to temporary overload or due to lack of skills not available in-house

Our technical capabilities are available in-house and performed by competent engineers

How we can help you to achieve these benefits

mechanical engineering

Project management

We have managed many technical projects for our customers. HIGTEC supports and guides you on project management, design of parts and assemblies.

Design of parts and assemblies

The design of parts and assemblies is performed using leading 3D CAD tools. The models are developed and assembled in 3D and 2D, allowing us to quickly implement changes and identify assembly problems. Drawings can be quickly created and modified from the developed 3D CAD models.

mechanical engineering

mechanical engineering

Computer-Aided Engineering

Our technical analysis capabilities are comprehensive and include finite element stress and vibration analysis, CFD analysis, thermal analysis and test support. Our analyzes are performed in-house by qualified technical personnel.

Production and prototype analysis

Using prototyping and rapid prototyping techniques, we can manufacture parts to meet the requirements of product development. Our team has extensive technical experience in the design, manufacture, manufacture of industrial equipment and maintenance. This helps us better understand your needs and deliver the best in mechanical engineering.