Slug load FEM analyse

Slug load 90° bend FEA analysis, multiphase flow

warmte installatie

Heating installation 3D & 2D desing

pressure vessel fea analysis

Thin-walled pressure vessel FEA analysis peak stresses

cfd analysis valve

Globe valve CFD analysis flow behavior and pressure drop optimization

Research heat exchanger CFD analysis corrugated pipes, heat transfer coefficient & pressure drop optimization

Research venturi flowmeters CFD analysis, pressure drop & flow behavior optimization

Water filter installation 3D & 2D design

Skid building 3D & 2D design


Thin-walled pressure vessel 3D & 2D design

Piping desing control unit 3D & 2D design

Reverse osmosis installation 3D & 2D design

Vertical Tank Construction 3D & 2D Design

buckling fea

Research buckling  FEA analysis plastic pipes

Digging arm FEA analysis maximum  stress-strain and deformation

PCB board thermal analysis conduction research

thermische analyse

Research thermal analysis conduction and convection electronic housing & heatsink

thermische analyse

Research heat exchanger heat transfer coefficient

FEA analysis maximum stress-strain and displacement of plastic product