PIPING stress analysis

Piping stress analysis plant design EN13480 / EN13445

CFD analysis ventilation

CFD analysis ventilation airflow

vibration analysis Reciprocating compressor

Vibration analysis reciprocating compressor API-618-688

FEA analysis crane construction

FEA analysis crane parts EN13001-2

FEA analysis craneblock

FEA analysis crane blocks EN13001-2

FEA analysis storagetank

FEA analysis storage tank EN1991-4

FEA analysis bumperbeam

FEA analysis tail beam bumper

Plant3D design

Plant3D piping design layout

FEA analysis safety anker-aluminium displacement

FEA analysis aluminium safety anker EN13001-2

CFD analysis vacuumchamber

CFD analysis vacuum chamber heat transfer

PCB board cfd analysis

CFD analysis PCB board

CFD analysis boiler

CFD analysis boiler heat transfer

Elektronics CFD analysis

CFD analysis electronics housing heat transfer

FEA analysis safety anker aluminium

FEA analysis aluminium safety anker

Plant design

Plant3D piping design

multiphase test loop design

Multiphaseflow test loop design

Design calculation shell and tube heat exchanger

Design calculation shell&tube heat exchanger EN13445

CFD analysis pressure drop valve

CFD analysis pressure drop valve

FEA analysis storagetank

FEA analysis storage tank

FEA analysis product optimalisation

FEA analysis product optimalisation cooling plate

FEA analysis tank

FEA analysis storage tank

FEA analysis calibrationbench

FEA analysis calibration bench

CFD analysis windturbine

CFD analysis windturbine


FEA analysis sandwichpanel

SKID design plant3D

SKID design plant3D

CFD analysis electronic monitor

CFD analysis electronics monitor heat transfer

FEA-analysis-plastic plate

FEA analysis plastic plate


FEA analysis PVC-U storage tank hydrostatic pressure

hogedruk apparaat NEN13445

FEA analysis nozzle stress acc.EN13445

construction FEA analysis

FEA analysis construction acc.Eurocode


FEA analysis water container hydrostatic pressure

Heat Exchanger CFD analysis

Heat Exchanger U-bend tube CFD analysis

centrifugal pump cfd analysis

Hydro turbine optimization CFD analysis

heat pump CFD analysis

Heat pump efficiency optimization CFD analysis

traffic pole FEA analysis

Traffic sign pole strength and buckling FEA analysis

calibration test loop design

Calibration test loop design for R&D facility

Slug load FEM analyse

Slug load 90° bend FEA analysis, multiphase flow

warmte installatie

Heating installation 3D & 2D desing

pressure vessel fea analysis

Thin-walled pressure vessel FEA analysis peak stresses

cfd analysis valve

Globe valve CFD analysis flow behavior and pressure drop optimization

Research heat exchanger CFD analysis corrugated pipes, heat transfer coefficient & pressure drop optimization

Research venturi flowmeters CFD analysis, pressure drop & flow behavior optimization

Water filter installation 3D & 2D design

Skid building 3D & 2D design


Thin-walled pressure vessel 3D & 2D design

Piping desing control unit 3D & 2D design

Reverse osmosis installation 3D & 2D design

Vertical Tank Construction 3D & 2D Design

buckling fea

Research buckling  FEA analysis plastic pipes

Digging arm FEA analysis maximum  stress-strain and deformation

PCB board thermal analysis conduction research

thermische analyse

Research thermal analysis conduction and convection electronic housing & heatsink

thermische analyse

Research heat exchanger heat transfer coefficient

FEA analysis maximum stress-strain and displacement of plastic product